Category: Wedding Photographer

Kevin and Catherine

We photographed the lovely wedding of Kevin and Catherine at Kevin’s mother’s home. It wasn’t the traditional reception of bouquets and garters, but a land fishing game with messages on the bottom of each fish. A good time was had by all!

Anna and Carlos

Congratulations to Anna and Carlos! Beautiful wedding in Union United Methodist Church, then on to the new Blades Fire Hall. It’s the first time I had been to the new Fire Hall. They did a great job! Good food and fun!  

Spencer and LaToya

Congratulations to Spencer and LaToya on their beach wedding and reception at the beautiful Salero!  

Meg and Luke’s Wedding

What a beautiful day for a wedding! We had a great time at Meg and Luke’s wedding at Denton Camp. A venue I had never been to before.  

Red Wedding Gown

In my over 30 years of being a professional photographer, I believe this is my very first red wedding gown. It was absolutely beautiful! Congratulations Justina and Brent!

Angi and Will’s Wedding

What a wonderful wedding with Angi and Will at Irish Eyes in Lewes! A great couple, lots of fun to be around. Her father gave the best speech I’ve ever heard from a parent of the bride or groom. It was amazing!

Wonderful wedding in Millsboro Delaware

Justin and Heather had a beautiful wedding in the Methodist Church in Millsboro, Delaware. The reception was held in Town Center, also in Millsboro. All of the men were wearing Storm Trooper helmets coming into the reception except one. Yes, Darth Vader was there!