Phillip and Maggie

Another beautiful wedding at Heritage Shores in Bridgeville. Everything went smooth, DJ Kurt Warren did a great job as always. Heritage Shores always does a good job on every event!

James and Jennifer

James and Jennifer had a beautiful wedding at the Fountains in Salisbury. The staff just does a great job, and of course the venue is just stunning. DJ extraordinaire Sky Brady kept the party going, and did a great job as usual. Elvis even made an appearance! The food was great, the dance floor was… Read more »

Twain and Alison

Beautiful wedding at Furnace Town! The wedding was at the bottom of the furnace, with the reception in the pavilion, and the dance floor outside the pavilion. A great time was had by all!

Ashley and John

A beautiful day for a wedding at the historic Ross Mansion, with a reception at the Bridgeville Fire Hall. John had hurt his knee not long before the wedding, but he did good! I tried not to ask him to walk too far though.

Brad and MC

Brad and MC eloped in Chincoteague last month. I had to wait until they made the announcement before posting any pictures. They had balloons with confetti in them, and wanted to pop them. It was a beautiful summer day for a wedding. Congratulations Brad and MC!

Kevin and Catherine

We photographed the lovely wedding of Kevin and Catherine at Kevin’s mother’s home. It wasn’t the traditional reception of bouquets and garters, but a land fishing game with messages on the bottom of each fish. A good time was had by all!